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An Encounter in Trolley Square

Rob Fleck

Rob Fleck

One day after work last week, I was walking across the street in Trolley Square in Wilmington and saw a man who looked extremely familiar. I got closer to him and realized that it was a well known book-lover in the book world by the name of Mark Samuels Lasner. He wondered why I was in Trolley Square instead of back at the shop in New Castle, and I explained to him that I recently moved into the area and was renting an apartment in the building 50 feet away from us. To his surprise, he said that he was living in the same apartment building as I was (now I can call on one more person to have an after-work drink at the popular bars down the street).

Mark Samuels Lasner

Mark Samuels Lasner

After chatting it up a bit, he told me about a couple events that are going to be happening in October. One was called “Useful & Beautiful: The Transatlantic Arts of William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites.” Mark told me that the University of Delaware was going to host a number of exhibitions and talks that will interest bibliophiles in the area of the Pre-Raphaelites. The other event was APHA’s  “Learning to Print, Teaching to Print: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives,” which focuses on the evolution of the teacher and apprentice relationship and the way teaching has changed.

I didn’t know much about each event at the time, so I went back to my apartment to dig some more information up on them and found them relatively easy to find online. Information can be found on them here: Useful & Beautiful and Learning to Print.

– Rob Fleck, Library & Antiquarian Sales

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