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“You’re going WHERE?!”


“You’re going WHERE?!” was the reaction of Bob Fleck when I told him I was moving to Arizona.  In August. The desert in August: my Oak Knoll family thought I’d fallen off the deep end.  I am 23 years old, and in two weeks I am packing my life into my little car and driving across the country to serve a year as an Americorps VISTA member.  Two hours south of the Grand Canyon, two hours north east of Phoenix, four hours from Las Vegas, and a stone’s throw away from nowhere, I can be found in the small town of Rimrock, Arizona, smack-dab in the middle of the state.  And I couldn’t be more excited!

As a town with an unincorporated status and only one school (grades Kindergarten through eighth), Rimrock doesn’t sound like it has much to offer to a girl who’s been traveling the world since she was six weeks old.  Really, though, it’s got everything to offer. My job for the next twelve months is as follows:

Beaver Creek School and The Beaver Creek Regional Council Youth and Families Committee are searching for funding streams that will help sustain and build capacity of the current affordable afterschool program, including more activities for students in grades 6-8. Also involved in the project will be developing a leadership cohort for students that leave Beaver Creek School in eighth grade and attend area highs schools. This goal of sustainability would be enhanced by a Youth Activities Coordinator for the approximately 650 students who live in the Beaver Creek Communities. This area currently has no organized youth activities due to its unincorporated status, void of dedicated subsidies for parks and recreation.

OK, so it’s not quite the same as taking pictures of books for websites and catalogues, like I’ve been doing with Oak Knoll since August 2009.  But to have a chance to help the future of our country realize their full potential through some of the programming that I have the opportunity to create… what a kick! Maybe I’ll even find some future book collectors or binders in that mix of kids!

I will greatly miss the group of people I’ve come to call my Oak Knoll family. I will miss our awesome lunches together (how will I live without Chinese food every Thursday?), the tidbits of conversation over the office walls (eavesdropping on Laura and Danielle’s conversations about the Biblio-Trivia answers is always fun!), and I will miss being surrounded by my friends that line the walls of this old building—the keystone of Oak Knoll—the books.

I cherish the time I had as a part of the Oak Knoll family, and look forward to visits home to Delaware and coming into Historic New Castle to say Hi to everyone.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for the support that everyone at Oak Knoll has given me as I prepare to embark on this incredible adventure.  Wish me luck, blog-followers! I’m off to save the world!

– Margo Price, Part-time Photographer

  1. Marilyn Kulkarni
    July 28, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    You go girl!!! It will be an incredible learning experience.

  2. Dad
    July 29, 2010 at 10:31 am

    Great Blog Moogs!!!!

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