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The newest Oak Knoller: Bailey

Greetings bibliophiles! I’m Bailey, your new Bookselling Assistant. I’m a born-and-raised Delawarean with a diploma from St. Mark’s High School and an English degree from the University of Delaware. In addition to working here at Oak Knoll, I also organize the Brandywine Festival of the Arts, an annual art and craft fair in Wilmington.  My nonprofessional brainwaves are occupied by indie rock, dogs, comics, and crafting. Oh, and books.

My parents used to read to me every night before bed, so I guess I have them to thank (blame?) for my love of books.  I love to get lost in a good work of fiction, thumb through an illustrated volume, or just admire an old tome. Imagine my delight when I discovered what incredible books are on the shelves here.  Is it too cheesy to say that this place is like a treasure trove, full of incredible gems to discover? Well, if Gargoyles and Grotesques: Paganism in the Medieval Church isn’t a glittering diamond of a book, I don’t know what is.

James has very patiently taught me to take over his job as resident book wrangler, picture taker, and problem solver.  I’m excited to help share these books with you, to polish my photography skills, and hopefully pick up a thing or two about publishing. Not to mention the wealth of information to be absorbed from the pages surrounding me – I’m particularly fascinated by illustration, printing, and the art of bookbinding.

In conclusion, here is a stop motion video of myself being attacked by books. Be safe out there.

  1. Bob
    March 20, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Welcome aboard! Bob

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