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Meet the Presses, Part 2

Continuing from last week, we now take a look at three more of the exhibitors at Oak Knoll Fest XVII.

Deep Wood Press

While Chad Pastotnik was earning a BFA in printmaking from Grand Valley State University, one of his professors showed his class a book structure. One thing led to the next and in 1992, a few years after graduating, Deep Wood Press was born. Its books and broadsides include some of Chad’s own works, stories and poetry from other present-day writers, and literary classics such as Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. The Deep Wood Press is located on the banks of the Ceder River in Mancelona, Michigan.

Incline Press

As a history teacher in the late eighties, Graham Moss acquired an interest in paper conservation and book repair and in 1990 acquired a small printing press to print labels. Soon after learning about the differences in typefaces and designs, he became inspired to try more. When an Arab press was offered for sale, he bought it, and transformed his backyard shed into a print shop. Since those days, the Incline Press has grown and has published over fifty books. The Inline Press’s latest home is a three-story building from the 1820s located on one of the oldest streets in the heart of Oldham England.

Fine Press Book Association

The Fine Press Book Association was formed by a group of individuals sharing common interests in the art of printing, the matching of worthwhile texts with significant images and artistic expression through the structure of a book. It had its genesis at the 1996 Oak Knoll Fest and had its first official meeting in 1998. That year also marked the release of the first issue of Parenthesis, their journal devoted to fine printing and book-making. Today it has a worldwide membership of those interested in the fine book and contemporary fine printing, and continues to promote the appreciation of fine books and encourage their production.

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