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Meet Oak Knoll’s Summer Interns

July 11, 2016 Leave a comment

Faith Johnson



Faith Johnson taking a well-deserved break and catching some sun in front of the store

As an undergraduate student, I studied a plethora of innovative fields: creative writing, film history, investigative journalism, social media, persuasive writing, and researched the complex minds of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. As an English major with a concentration in film studies and a minor in journalism, I aspire to have a career in film and television production. One may wonder why I chose an internship with a publishing company given my experience with all things media. I made the decision to intern with Oak Knoll Books because I wanted to learn the business behind books. Since I was a English major who read countless books over the course of four years, I always had an interest in how the books I read were published and distributed. I have always had a keen interest in press releases, book signings, and publishing companies. I know writing a novel requires a lot of work, time, and energy;  then trying to find a publisher was an even bigger challenge. Hence why I came to Oak Knoll, to figure out the difficulties and intricacies behind book publishing. Throughout my time here at Oak Knoll, I expect to be challenged. I also expect to gain knowledge, a new set of skills, and a new outlook and appreciation of the world of publishing.

When I first set foot into Oak Knoll I was enamored by old historic New Castle. Being a Delaware native, seeing this part of New Castle in all of its glory was an awesome experience. Walking down Delaware Street was a pleasant surprise. Oak Knoll is such a quaint, historic, hidden, and antique gem which New Castle should be proud of. It has a feel of an old classic book store with its hardwood floors and brown bookshelves holding collector’s items. When I am not surrounded by the paperbacks and publications of Oak Knoll, I can be found at home in the kitchen whipping up a meal for my family. Whether it’s stuffed French toast topped with bananas foster or, at dinner time, grilled chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta, cooking is definitely a nice break from struggling through Adobe InDesign. When I am not in the kitchen, I can be found binge watching Netflix.



Caroline Beston



Caroline Beston sorting and enveloping press release fliers on the third floor


My name is Caroline Beston, and I am a rising senior studying English, with a concentration in creative writing along with a Theater minor at the University of Delaware. At UD, my coursework has focused on literary studies in genre fiction and writing workshops in short fiction and poetry. I have done research on women writers in 1930s science fiction magazines, taken courses on vampires and zombies, and worked as a teaching assistant for a course on dystopian fiction. Some of my creative work has been featured in campus literary magazines. In my spare time I enjoy playing the cello, knitting, and working with a local organic food co-operative.

One of the career paths I am considering is publishing, and I wanted to work for Oak Knoll to learn more about the industry. I hope the opportunity to work for Oak Knoll will teach me new skills in the marketing arena and give me first-hand experience with the publishing process as a whole. My first day has included a lot of creative and detail-oriented work, which I can’t wait to continue. I’m excited to work more with design, branch out into digital marketing, and not let Adobe products rob me of my sanity.


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