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Bob Fleck, Oak Knoll’s Founder, Has Passed Away

September 29, 2016 Leave a comment

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of my father, Robert D. Fleck, Jr., proprietor of Oak Knoll Books & Press.  He was our helmsman – our captain – our leader in this world of books-about-books.  Having founded Oak Knoll Books in 1976, Dad’s legacy is anything but short, and heavily decorated with awards, honors, and leadership positions.  His love for his family & friends, local history, and (of course) books was unsurpassed.  His determination and poise under pressure, no matter how severe, was something that we should all aspire to.  He was an important man in the field of bookselling, but I’ll always know him as the loving father that he always was.


Books were his life, and his life was books. He will be greatly missed.


Love you Dad,

Rob Fleck


*This blog entry transcribed from an email and Facebook post sent out September 23rd, one day after his death in the early morning of the 22nd.


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