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Meet our Fall Intern: Dan Dicriscia

September 26, 2017 Leave a comment

dan about me imgHello faithful Oak Knoll blog readers! My name is Dan and I will be your beloved intern this fall. I am a current senior at the University of Delaware and I major in (you guessed it) English, my concentration in professional writing. In my time as an undergrad I’ve studied all kinds of writing, from professional, to creative, to writing lines of HTML code, and through all of the coursework I’ve done I’ve learned, if it is not a number, I can handle it fairly well. Oak Knoll was an unknown place to me until a professor of mine pointed me in the direction of the quaint bookstore in old New Castle. I walked into the shop not long after, and I was sold before I even sat down for the interview. I’ve read my fair share of non-fiction; however, books about books never appealed to me until I saw the shelves and boxes full of titles that piqued my interest the same way a new song from my favorite artist does when it comes on the radio. During my time as an intern, I also hope to learn as much as I can about the publishing portion of Oak Knoll being that it is nothing short of an enigma to me. One day, as I continue to tone my writing muscles, I hope to publish my own work, so I will be basking in this experience and soaking in as much knowledge as I can.

I fill almost all of the short amount of time I have away from school and work with music. After graduation, I plan on finding a career that combines my writing skills with my unwavering adoration of music. I’ve been a guitarist for close to 13 years, and dived headfirst into the musical world since the beginning, trying my hand at anything from drums to piano. You can also find me, on any given day, rooting for whatever Philadelphia sports team is in season, playing Super Smash Bros, or hiking a trail with some pretty views.

I am nothing short of eager to begin the adventure I’ll be setting out on at Oak Knoll. It has been just one day and I already feel a great sense of camaraderie among the staff here, and I look forward to writing, proofreading, photo-taking, and of course getting coffee for my new co-workers during my time here.

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