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Extra! Extra! Two Oak Knoll Titles among Michael Dirda’s Holiday Book Recommendations in the Washington Post!

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The reviews are in just in time for 2017 to come to a close, and we couldn’t be more proud of ourselves and our authors for turning out such wonderful books. Below is a great listing recommendation for the end-of-year from the Washington Post, which includes a couple of our books, The History of the Limited Editions Club (Carroll Grossman) and The Privately Printed Bible (Ron Patkus). Both were designed by our BFF from New York, the very talented Jerry Kelly.

25395397_1292962187476213_217902487_nMichael Dirda has written an excellent article for the Washington Post about his book recommendations for the holiday season, which included two titles that are published by Oak Knoll Press. The two titles mentioned are The Privately Printed Bible and The History of the Limited Editions Club. Both titles are designed by award-winning designer Jerry Kelly and would make wonderful holiday gifts.

Link to the Washington Post article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/michael-dirdas-wondrous-holiday-book-recommendations/2017/12/10/c2ce58e8-daaa-11e7-b859-fb0995360725_story.html?tid=sm_tw&utm_term=.be0665957e04


The Privately Printed Bible


The Privately Printed Bible is the first book to offer a broad survey of the history of private and fine press printings of biblical texts. Author Ronald Patkus focuses on English-language examples from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and North America, and includes more than 500 works in his study. He begins with the late nineteenth century revival of printing which took place in England under the influence of William Morris, and continues on through the twentieth century. Along the way he describes key texts, such as the Doves Bible, the Oxford Lectern Bible, the Golden Cockerel Four Gospels, the Spiral Press Ecclesiastes, the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible, and the Arion Press Bible. He also discusses lesser-known works that are part of the story.



The History of the Limited Editions Club


Author Carol Grossman began collecting the LEC in the 1960s and has been conducting research with this book in mind for many years. In addition to presenting the rich history of the enterprise and the people involved in great detail, she examines the legacy and reputation of the books left to bibliophiles, scholars, booksellers, and collectors.



Oak Knoll Gift Certificate: https://www.oakknoll.com/pages/books/89146/gift-certificate

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