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Diary of a Bibliomaniac

January 14, 2018 Leave a comment

Below, an old Facebook post by our distinguished author Robert Thake, written at the time he was researching and writing  A Publishing History of a Prohibited Bestseller (Oak Knoll Press 2016). We noticed it when he “shared a memory” and think many of our friends and customers can relate. He gave us permission to post it on our blog, saying it’s “as authentic as can be.” Enjoy!

Diary of a bibliomaniac: 1) Find out that rare book is for sale 2) React in a manner which worries your family and friends 3) Type out an e-mail to seller by frantically beating on keyboard with head and fists 4) Go to important meeting with clients 5) Take call from bookshop halfway through important meeting 6) Promise to collect the book in Paris the next day not knowing whether there are any flights/seats 7) React in a manner which single-handedly destroys your carefully nurtured social veneer 8 ) Book last available seat on plane leaving a few hours later 9) Get to Paris after a sleepless night with slightly mad look on your face 10) Start waiting outside shop an hour early in case some deluded &#@$%! thinks he’s going to beat me to it and keep all his teeth 11) Get a glimpse of the book and feel as though you’re seeing your first-born for the first time 12) Throw money at shop owner in a fit of joy 13) Walk back to hotel with contorted, unnerving look on your face which prevents even gypsies from approaching you 14) Get to hotel and take first selfie ever:

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