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Simon Loxley at Emery Walker’s House

March 3, 2020 Leave a comment

Simon Loxley, author of Emery Walker: Arts, Crafts, and a World in Motion (Oak Knoll Press, 2019), sent us the photo below. If you let your imagination wander, can you see a ghost in the corner of the staircase behind Simon?

“Arts and Crafts Hammersmith’s publicist Lucinda MacPherson took this picture of me in Emery Walker’s House a couple of weeks ago. Walker would have walked up and down that staircase many times…”

Simon is a graphic designer and a writer on design, typography and design history. He designed the Emery Walker’s House logo, and he designed and edited (2006-2016) Ultrabold, the Journal of St. Bride Library.

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