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Meet our Spring intern, Molly!

January 31, 2022 Leave a comment


Hi, everyone! My name is Molly Ferguson, and I am a senior at the University of Delaware. Presently, I am working toward a Bachelor in Arts in English with a minor in Theatre Studies. Whether performing or running things backstage, assisting with dramatic productions is a favorite pastime of mine that I hope to somehow incorporate into my future endeavors. I’ve been a Delaware resident my whole life, having lived in Newark for the majority of my childhood. When I’m not devouring the contents of an epic sci-fi or fantasy book, I can most likely be found writing, drawing, or ice skating – no matter the time of year. I am beyond thrilled to have accepted this intern position at Oak Knoll!

When I first set off on my college journey five years ago, I had convinced myself that nursing was my ideal career, since science is something I’ve always been passionate about. After shadowing nurses within  various hospital departments, I enrolled in the nursing program at Delaware Technical Community College, where three years of intensive study told me it wasn’t an optimum fit, after all: turns out, needles and I do not make a great pair! Unsure then of what my aspirations were, I was left to search through UD’s offered list of majors, hoping that something would stand out to me. Remembering how much I enjoyed my English classes in high school, I chose my major accordingly, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Since then, I’ve developed a keen interest in book editing, my goal being to one day end up in New York City with one of the “Big Five.”

Thus, it was a no-brainer when my school’s English department informed me of this amazing opportunity with Oak Knoll. What better way to introduce myself to the world of publishing than with some of the leading experts in the antiquarian book business? The staff here are an absolute joy to work with – including the sweetest black lab ever, which is definitely a plus. I’m grateful to Oak Knoll for this chance to explore a career in publishing while gaining a wealth of valuable skills, such as marketing. I look forward to all that’s in store regarding this internship.

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