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Meet Our Winter Intern!

January 10, 2023 Leave a comment

Hi everyone! My name is Siera Troiano and I am the Winter 2023 intern here at Oak Knoll Books! I am currently a senior English major with a Legal Studies minor at the University of Delaware. When I’m not in Delaware, you can find me in my small beach town in South Jersey eating plenty of bagels and reading on the beach with my best friend Kaitlyn, taking road trips and getting dinner with friends and family!

Starting my freshman year, I went in with a psychology major on a pre med track in hopes of becoming a surgeon one day. However I quickly realized that my strong suits weren’t in math and science, but in writing. When I made the switch to become an English major, I found myself flourishing in my classes and becoming more and more passionate about writing. One of my favorite experiences that I have had at the University of Delaware was taking a screenwriting class with screenwriter Chisa Hutchinson where I had to produce a sixty page script for a pilot episode and pitch it to producer Stephanie Allain. This was the moment I realized that I was so much more than just a student at UD but I was a student that I was proud to be. This class by far gave me the most challenging tasks and allowed me to do something that I didn’t think was possible. With that, I hope to continue my writing while also obtaining my masters degree in post-secondary teaching in Nashville, Tennessee after I graduate in May.

When I heard about the internship opportunity at Oak Knoll, I was intrigued by the uniqueness of the company and I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone much like I did with my screenwriting class. This internship will allow me to grow outside of the classroom by gaining different experiences in marketing, publishing and writing. While my future is still so unknown, I know that what I learn at Oak Knoll is only going to prepare me more for my life after college. And what better way to be welcomed onto the Oak Knoll team than by being greeted on my first day by their adorable black lab Charlie! I am so excited for the next few weeks here at Oak Knoll and can’t wait to see what this experience has to offer me!

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