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Book-Jackets reviewed by The Washington Post and Book Patrol

January 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Posted today in The Washington Post is an excellent review by Michael Dirda of Book-Jackets: Their History, Forms, and Use written by G. Thomas Tanselle.

Dirda, who refers to Tanselle as the “leading authority on all matters bibliographical, the greatest American textual scholar since Fredson Bowers,” explains the book as “a superb work of scholarly investigation, broad enough to touch on the development of blurbs, the artists involved in early cover design and the need for accurate description of dust jackets in library catalogues.”

Another review by the Book Patrol blog posted yesterday says the book “provides a thorough history of a books most valuable friend and can easily prove useful for the bookseller, book collector or any lover of books.”

Illustrated with sections containing black-and-white and color plates, this new book offers a concise history of publishers’ detachable book coverings while surveying their use by publishers and their usefulness to scholars as sources for biography, bibliography, and cultural analysis. It contains a list of surviving pre-1901 examples of British and American publishers’ printed book-jackets and constitutes a plea for the preservation and cataloguing of this significant class of material.

Click here for more information on the book.

Check out the full review in the The Washington Post, and click here to read the review in Book Patrol.

An article about dust jackets

December 22, 2011 Leave a comment

With the new publication Book-Jackets: Their History, Forms, and Use by G. Thomas Tanselle almost available from Oak Knoll, we thought you might like to read an interesting blog article related to dust jackets. Posted by Stephen J. Gertz on the Booktryst blog, he talks about dust jacket repair and whether repaired dust jackets are something a book collector likes or dislikes. It’s a neat article that presents some interesting points to consider. Click here to read the entire article.

To learn more, or to pre-order Books-Jackets: Their History, Forms, and Use, click here.