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Bookseller Game Time!

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Oak Knoll was recently made aware of some great photos taken during the “football” game at the 39th ILAB Congress in Italy. These booksellers put on quite the competition as it was Italy against the rest of the world. They even had cheerleaders on the sidelines rallying these already vigorous and sporty antiquarian booksellers. Check out a few of the pictures from the game. Don’t miss Rob (#19) in action and Millie cheering on the teams!


Italy Team

against the Rest of the World

Rob's on his game!

Millie cheers from the side!

What a good game!

Rehydrating after the game

The Flecks Head to Italy

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment
Bob Fleck

Bob Fleck

The Flecks (Millie, Rob and and I) are off to Italy tomorrow to participate in the International League of Antiquarian Bookseller’s (ILAB) Congress and Bookfair. This will be Rob’s first Congress—Millie and I have been doing them since 1990 (Tokyo, Cologne, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Vienna, Edinburgh, Scandinavia, Melbourne, Madrid) and have met wonderful friends over the years. This year, Millie, former head coach of the A.I. DuPont High School cheerleaders, will take up her pom-pom again and lead the cheerleaders for the rest of the world when they try to beat the local Italian team (all booksellers of course). Rob will be a forward on the team and I will be cheering. We will keep you posted.

-Bob, President and Owner

Rob Fleck

Rob Fleck

Yes, I will miss my lovely girlfriend, but who can pass up a chance to visit Bolongna for a week and a half while participating in the ILAB Congress Book Fair? I’m extremely ecstatic about going to my first Congress! Being the cook at my house, I’m also particularly excited about the food experience that I will indulge myself in. Bolognese sauce was originated in Bologna, and has given me a sense of what to expect when I touch down. I also recently bought a Nikon D40 DSLR camera which I will use on my trip for documentation. See you when I get back!

-Rob, Antiquarian & Library Sales