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The book isn’t dying; it’s digitizing

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Print runs are shrinking and unit costs are growing, we’re told. Texts are now tweets, and looking over your shoulder no longer reveals the identities of those “following” you.

Throughout this technological transition, the publishing process remains the same: write, read, revise, design, discuss, repeat. Good writing remains a universal driver of productivity. Yet, I can’t help but find today’s intermediary industry fascinating.

True, I’ll always dote upon my overstuffed bookshelves much like Gollum does upon his “Precious.” And I will forever prefer thumbing through a dog-eared copy of my favorite novel over scanning its text on a pixilated computer screen. But the web’s unprecedented scope takes the publishing industry to an entirely new level.

Technology enhances product discoverability and expands existing audiences. It also preserves texts subject to deterioration and permits cheesy romance novel enthusiasts to read on in public unscathed. Books (and their evil e-book offspring) are both made to inform, inspire, record and admire. The insurgent e-book, though guilty of providing an inferior reader experience, can’t be blamed if the book industry suddenly suffers an onset of organ failure. Not yet, at least.

Book purists, fear not: the book industry is alive and kicking and will be for many generations to come.

To sum up, in 140 characters or less, the book isn’t dying; it’s digitizing. Gradually.


Two new interns at Oak Knoll

February 8, 2011 1 comment

Two new students from the University of Delaware are interning at Oak Knoll. Here are their first blog entries. Hope you enjoy getting to know them!

I grew up in a world of books. I’ve ridden a raft with Huck and Finn, pined after Mr. Darcy with Elizabeth Bennet, conquered Cara GavinLord Voldemort with Harry Potter, and stood on a cliff with Holden Caulfield. My life has been filled with characters, both fictional and non-fictional, and as I enter my spring semester of my junior year, I have met even more at Oak Knoll Books & Press.

As both an English and Communications major at the University of Delaware, I have searched for a career experience that could give me more insight into the stories and books that I have grown to cherish. Even though it has only been a few days since I have started my internship, Oak Knoll has already opened my eyes to what it really takes to put a book together. From new and scary words like “frontispiece” and “colophon,” to more familiar ones such as “binding” and “title page,” my publishing vocabulary and expertise has grown immensely. I hope to learn even more about the structure and marketing of books as the semester goes on, and I know the people at Oak Knoll will fulfill their promise.

Just like in any other story I have read since childhood, I have embarked on a journey with the characters at Oak Knoll. I am looking forward to the beginning chapters of getting to know everyone, the rising action of attempting a difficult task, the climax of having accomplished something important, and the ultimate final chapter when I will leave Oak Knoll with a newfound knowledge and appreciation for the book itself, and not just the story it holds. Thank you to all my fellow characters at Oak Knoll Books & Press! I know this will be an exciting adventure.

—Cara Gavin


And so begins another new chapter…

A new leaf has turned at Oak Knoll, and as 50% of the fresh meat interning here this semester, it’s been a blast getting to know the historic Opera House and its hardworking inhabitants.

What I find most valuable about my time here is that even as a newbie intern, I’ve already had the opportunity to take part in several key parts of the publishing process: write, read, revise, design, discuss, distribute. I’m about 180 pages into editing my first manuscript and have helped catalogue books whose values most likely exceed my own. Cheers.

Julia NollenAs a graduating senior, an internship with Oak Knoll couldn’t come at a better time. Every day, I am surrounded by relics of a time gone by as I walk through the endless shelves of books, my footsteps echoing much as they would in a museum.

Oak Knoll is a company whose employees provide great company as I get my first glimpse at life as a publisher. Here’s to a great first month and many more!

—Julia Nollen